Raising Freedom Corporation
Raising Freedom is operated by veterans for veterans.

When you elected to fly the American flag, the symbol of your love of this country and for the men and women who sacrifice their lives for our country's freedom is displayed for all. Likewise it shows how proud you are to be an American!

Flying the American flag means a great deal to the veterans of the United States. So the Raising Freedom veterans would like to volunteer their services by saying thank you.  The veteran that is assigned to your flag will make sure the symbol of our freedom is correctly being flown per the U S Flag Code. This service is at NO-COST to your company. We take away the expense of purchasing numerous flags throughout a year, and turn your support into a tax-deductible benefit.

Raising Freedom receives flags from donations and fundraising. If you or your company would like to make a tax-deductible donation please ask the veteran that is assigned to manage your flags on how to donate. Your generous donation will help veterans in your area. Money donated stays within your community.


Thank You for Visiting Raising Freedom!

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